Project Origins (Working title)

About The Game

You wake at the AR.ES. – Base 3 without any recollection of what caused your black out. All you can remember is that you are leading a team of xenoarchaeologists that includes your fiance. You were tasked to explore the recently discovered alien ruins a few kilometers from the base. Communications seem to be down and the base has lost connection with the Mars Colony. Determined to find out what is going on, you decide to explore the AR.ES. – B3.

Where is everyone?

Why are communications down?

A cloud of mystery surrounds everything – what has really happened?

Project Origins (working title) is the first game in the “Origins” universe, a first person, interactive, sci-fi tale that takes place on Mars in the year 2373, long after the Earth was abandoned. In this first chapter explore every detail of the AR.ES. – B3, a large Martian base built to facilitate the study of the recently discovered nearby alien ruins. Observe and examine every area to find clues. Hack into computers, solve puzzles and explore the internal struggles of xenoarchaeologist Sophia Williams and the events that occurred on AR.ES. – B3. Uncover the truth and embark on an epic journey.

Key Features

  • A Rich Sci-fi Universe: immerse yourself in a universe inspired by authors like Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick. Combining theories by scientists in a unique way, ranging from Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud to Einstein and Stephen Hawking.
  • Be An Explorer: The AR.ES. – Base 3 and its surroundings are an explorer’s dream. Roam freely without getting stuck, or frustrated.
  • Interactive Investigation: Discover fragments of events by examining an environment full of personal possessions, journals, books, notes and letters left behind. Use your deductive reasoning to piece together the story behind your fiance’s disappearance.
  • Mind Games: Project Origins (working title) features a story with many surprises and mind bending experiences that will challenge the heroine.
  • Lasting Decisions: The decisions you will make will echo throughout the Origins universe as it unfolds before your eyes in future installments.


The player takes the role of Sophia Williams, viewing the world through her eyes as she interacts with objects in her immediate surroundings, looking for clues. The goal of the game is to uncover the truth behind her fiancé’s disappearance, the AR.ES. – B3 current state and the truth behind the alien ruins. The game encourages exploration and rewards the player with new clues through deductive thinking, hacking computers, solving puzzles, reading crew member logs, a note or discovering a secret room. Further and deep exploration leads to new areas of the base, new locations to explore and more story to uncover.

Release Date:

When it’s good.



The screenshots shown here are not indicative of the final product. What we’re trying to say is… We’re still working on it.