Hi everyone, Evan, a.k.a Sutorcen here with our biggest 3D asset release to date. Have you ever wanted to create a low poly catacomb or castle level? Then HG POLY – Catacombs is for  you. A low poly, polygonal asset pack full of modular pieces, ideal to start building the game of your dreams. This is the third asset pack in our HG POLY low poly series of 3d game assets.

HG POLY Catacombs

HG POLY Catacombs is ideal if you want to create a low poly catacombs or castle scene. It comes with over 100 modular pieces and props optimized for mobile, console and PC games. Here are the main features.

247 Unique meshes including

  • 108 Structural Elements
  • Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Doors, Gates, Pillars, Columns, Crates, Archways, Stairs, Railings and more.
  • 139 Props
  • Books, Potions, Scrolls, Swords, Chests, Barrels, Vases, Sacks, Coffins, Skeletons, Bones, Furniture, Banners, Switches, Torches, Braziers and more.

10 Interactive items.

  • Doors
  • Chests
  • Barrels
  • Vases
  • Switches

Apply up to 12 colors to the meshes using one material. No need for texture swapping to make your environment look unique.

Modular sections that snap to the grid and are easy to place, allowing you to create a variety of designs.

We’ve also Included blueprints for interactive items, including animations, to help you prototype basic gameplay mechanics.

No need to swap textures or use an external software to customize your assets. Thanks to our master material you can change the colors in every detail to fit your style from within the editor. You can change up to 12 colors + 3 emissive.

We use two small 64×64 textures to achieve this. The resulting material is light and perfect for any low poly game. Here are some screenshots of what is included in the asset pack.

Low poly catacombs and dungeons

This asset pack will also be included in our Medieval Castle asset pack which is still planed for release sometime in 2021. As mentioned before this is our most ambitious project to date, it is under development and expect more asset packs, sneak peaks and new to come out in the coming months.

HG POLY Series

I will be releasing a video that will include an overview of the HG POLY Catacombs asset pack as well as instructions on how to use it, blueprint and materials explanation and a small level creation. Coming soon on our YouTube channel.

The next asset pack in the HG POLY Series hasn’t been decided yet. Follow us on our social media though for the latest news, sneak peeks and videos. Also keep checking our news page for more info.

HG POLY Coffins is available now on the UE4 Marketplace.