Hey folks, Sutorcen here. I hope you’re safe and healthy. I’m back with our latest asset pack release which is loaded with low poly crates.

I’m happy to announce the launch of our HG POLY low poly series of 3d game assets. The first asset pack released in this series is HG POLY Crates and will be also included in our Medieval Castle asset pack. Our most ambitious project to date which is under development.

HG POLY Crates


HG POLY Crates is an asset pack of low poly crates optimized for mobile, console and PC games. Here are the main features.

361 Unique meshes including

  • 54 Closed Crates
  • 54 Open Crates with their lids (108 meshes total)
  • 162 Destroyed Crates
  • 36 Destroyed lids and debris
  • 1 Huge Cage with glowing monster eyes

We also Included a blueprint that lets you select the crate you want easy, plus options for lid rotation direction (Up, left or right) since the blueprint also includes animations. Ready to use with any interaction pack.

No need to alternate textures to customize your assets. Thanks to our master material you can change the color in every detail to fit your style from within the editor. We use a single, small texture that is light and perfect for any low poly game.

Here are some screenshots of what is included when you purchase it.

We will share some more info about our Medieval Castle mega asset pack in the coming weeks. Keep checking our news page and our social media for some sneak peeks. But, in order to wet your appetite here are some screenshots of two jail doors and a broken chandelier. Keep in mind that these are still a work in progress and might change in appearance a bit until release.

HG POLY Crates is available now on the UE4 Marketplace.