Hi everyone, Evan, a.k.a Sutorcen here. 2020 has been a tough year so far for everyone and for us as well. I hope everyone is staying healthy. Without further ado I am happy to present you with our second asset pack in our HG POLY low poly series of 3d game assets. Need some low poly coffins? I got you covered.

This second asset pack will also be included in our Medieval Castle asset pack which we plan on releasing sometime in 2021. As mentioned before this is our most ambitious project to date, it is under development and expect more asset packs, sneak peaks and new to come out in the coming months.

HG POLY Coffins

HG POLY Coffins is a low poly asset pack full of modular coffins optimized for mobile, console and PC games. Here are the main features.

192 Unique meshes including

  • 9 Stone Coffins
  • 9 Wooden Coffins
  • 18 Coffin Lid
  • 18 Broken Stone Coffins with and without debris
  • 81 Broken Stone Lids
  • Accessories like Stone Swords, Chains, Nails

We’ve also Included a blueprint that lets you select the coffin you want with ease. Select material (stone or wood), body and lid style as well as decorations (sword, chains, nails etc.). Plus options for interacting with the lid, which way it should open (left or right) since the blueprint also includes animations. Ready to use with any interaction pack.

No need to alternate textures to customize your assets. Thanks to our master material you can change the color in every detail to fit your style from within the editor.

We use a single, small texture that is light and perfect for any low poly game. Here are some screenshots of what is included in the asset pack.

The next asset pack we are working on is HG POLY Catacombs and we hope it will be released before the end of the year. Head over to our social media for some sneak peeks. Also keep checking our news page for more info.

HG POLY Coffins is available now on the UE4 Marketplace.