Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun. Hi, this is Sutorcen with a quick Hotgates news update! It has been almost two months since our last post. This silence means only one thing, that we have been busy bees. You might be wondering what was Hotgates up to these past months and here is a quick rundown.


Development as usual


Epic released Unreal Engine version 4.11 and we gave it a try. Taken from the Unreal Engine 4 official site here are some of the highlights of this update:


  • We’ve added a physically based shading model for realistic hair based on the latest research from film.
  • You can now give your characters highly realistic eyes using Unreal Engine’s new physically-based shading model for eyes.
  • We’ve improved the quality and performance of the Subsurface Scattering Profile shading model for realistic skin.
  • We’ve added a physically based shading model for cloth. This simulates a fuzz layer and will produce more realistic results for cloth than were achievable before.



Although we like 4.11, switching engine versions mid development can cause more harm than good. A backup build of our game is being tested with 4.11 to see if everything works. In other news, our save system is in place and we are fine tuning it as we go. Our main focus now are the various puzzles and gameplay elements that we have implemented in the game


Business as usual


Business wise, Hotgates are in talks with some manufacturers for the gorgeous T-Shirts you can see in the images below. We are trying to make it happen. Hotgates has also applied for some much needed government funding. We hope we get it. Last but not least there have been talks with various concept artists and freelancers for various positions.


Developing games is a great, albeit time consuming activity. We promise to be back soon with a more in-depth post and some more Hotgates News and some screenshots or two. Until then check out the news and tutorials. Also follow us on facebook and instagram. Take care and keep it Unreal.