Wow, it’s been a long time since I actually wrote a post about Hotgates without it being another release or an update. Hi there. Welcome to Back to Hotgates – 2018 Edition. Stay a while as I lay out our plans for the season ahead.

Asset Packs

What can I say about that? We have released 12 asset packs since the same time last year and your response has be phenomenal. Thank you for the love you have shown us. But, we’re not stopping there.

Danger Signs Decals

The Danger Signs Decals series got a huge update on July where we doubled the content adding everything in Russian. I’m looking into adding some models of signs to the Danger Signs Decals series to make it even more versatile.

Puddle Decals

There is a free update coming to the Puddle Decals as well. Working on bringing everything over to mobile platforms. There are also plans to add some more puddle designs for free. So, stay tuned for that.

Future asset packs

We plan on releasing 3 more till the end of September. Our goal is to introduce at least 2 new decals series before the end of 2018.



As many of you have noticed our Patron page is temporarily closed till we relaunch it with a more suitable structure for our backers. We felt the current structure of the page was not working well for our community so instead of hanging on to something that doesn’t work it’s better to improve it and try again.

Project Origins

As I’ve mentioned before Hotgates is funded by our own money without any outside financial support. This means we have to find alternate sources of income to keep the lights on. By getting involved with game development we have picked up some skills that help us do just that. Creating and selling assets, crowdfunding commissioned work are but a few ways to achieve that. Although this is good it also has one major drawback, it takes up most of our time. That’s why we decided to put the development of Project Origins on hold and instead focus most of our energy into our asset packs for the time being.



Although tutorials are a big part of us we have not enough time to create as many as we’d like. For the same reasons mentioned above tutorial releases will be rare if none at all for the foreseeable future. This wasn’t an easy decision to make but, it makes sense at this point.


Looking back we never thought we could achieve so much, based on the success rates in the video games industry. We’re not successful or famous by any means but, we’re at a better place than last year which means progress. Fortunately for us our asset packs sell well and we had some commissioned work too to keep the lights on. All this has left little time for development. The logical thing to do is to shift our focus temporarily from game development, to providing asset creation, 3D modelling and animation services. We continually reassess our situation and do course corrections accordingly in order to reach our goal, releasing our game. Hotgates is still making baby steps albeit more confident than ever before.

Closing, we would like, once more, to thank all of you for your support and understating. We wouldn’t be here without you. A huge hug goes out to our families and friends who put up with our insane schedule and support us anyway. We love you.