Hi everyone! Sutorcen here with our latest release. The second volume of Season 2 of the HG: Sci-Fi decals series has arrived. HG: Sci-Fi Cargo Labels is a collection of 612 high quality decals. Ideal for your sci-fi or cyberpunk project.

HG: Sci-Fi Cargo Labels

Sci-fi is very popular among UE4 developers and cyberpunk is also on the rise. Here at Hotgates we love sci-fi very much. As a result we have released seven asset packs on the UE 4 Marketplace with more on the way. Inspired by beloved sci-fi TV series like Star Trek, Galactica and games like the Mass Effect Series we wanted to design assets that would feel right at home in any sci-fi environment. Looks like we did it, you will love these designs. With the addition of this asset pack, Season 2 of the HG: Sci-Fi Decals is shaping up to be quite the looker.

HG: Sci-Fi Cargo Labels contains labels for 36 different goods and they come in 17 designs. Furthermore, we have supercharged the decals material so you can choose between 22 pattern backgrounds for the labels. Also, you can change the opacity of the pattern or remove it all together if you like. Most noteworthy you can change the color of the label borders, the text color in those borders (where available) and the label border’s opacity. This means that you can remove the borderof a label as well if you wish. Last but not least you can add scratches (9 different grunge textures), make them emissive, metallic or super glossy by adjusting those values. Here are some sample designs that you can create with the HG: Sci-Fi Cargo Labels asset pack.

Enhance Your Scenes

The decal material in this asset pack is truly versatile. any kind of cargo label design is possible. In combination with our previously released asset packs you can make any scene look even better, the possibilities are endless. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Here are some examples of beloved assets from the UE4 marketplace that look even better using assets from the HG: Sci-Fi Cargo Labels asset pack in combinations with our other asset packs.

PLEASE NOTE: All other assets shown in the screenshots besides those found in this asset pack are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in this asset pack. The puddles shown are from our HG: Puddle Decals asset pack, the word decals are from our HG: Sci-Fi Decals Bundle and the cargo labels are from our this asset pack.


This latest asset pack contains 612 high quality, sci-fi decals. It is part of our second season of the HG: Sci-Fi Decals series. In this phase we are focusing on more elaborate sci-fi design elements so you create even cooler scenes. The next release hasn’t began production yet as we are working on our first major 3D asset pack. More on that in a future post.

HG: Sci-Fi Cargo Labels is available now on the UE4 Marketplace.