Evan here with the notes for the HG Decals – Sci-Fi Series 1 Update 3, which is now live. This series is the first ever assets we ever released way back in 2017 but that doesn’t mean that we don’t optimize them as needed. Hope you enjoy the changes made. Please read the update notes before updating as it may impact your project.


HG Decals – Sci-Fi Series 1 – Update 3 Notes


In order to save you a lot of disk space we have removed all texture resolutions lower than 4096 x 4096. Here is why. The UE4 editor can scale textures to lower resolutions. When we tested the decals inside UE4 using the in engine resolution scaler, we didn’t notice a difference in quality vs reducing the resolution using Photoshop. Every decal master material has an exposed parameter for you to change the decal’s resolution from any material instance you create. Please read the description inside the materials on how to use this feature. Further info can be found here.


The above changes will result in the asset packs taking up significantly less space on your hard drive.


Master materials update. Improved the comments within the materials. All master materials across all assets packs have the same structure/appearance now.


Restructured the asset’s organization within the project to make more sense and make it easier to work with. We have renamed the folder to HG_Decals_SciFi, that’s were you can find the decals when adding them to a project.   Fixed issues with some textures, resulting in better quality decals.


Added 6 new grunge textures.


Supported UE4 versions are now 4.18.3 and newer.


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