Lidoria here with a sweet low poly asset pack. HG: Woody Trains is the first asset pack in our new series called Woody.

HG: Woody Trains

As you might have guessed for the title this collection’s theme is wooden toys. We plan to release more in the future but we kick of with something we all love, toy trains.

This pack features a collection of low poly wooden toy trains, tracks and some free trees and bushes. Ideal as a decoration in a child’s room or to create stylized worlds made of wood. We build it to be modular so with the Blueprints provided you can easily create over 130 different combinations of train engines and 16 different train wagons.

Please note the the trains are not rigged and drive-able.

The Woody series will feature packs with various themes. Our goal is to create a collection of assets with which you will be able to create beautiful wooden worlds. We also plan to include characters, animals and other goodies. Keep an eye on our news page for any updates on the Woody series.

HG: Woody Trains is available now on the UE4 Marketplace.