Sutorcen here with our latest release HG: Sci-Fi Elements. These past few months we have been busy with some commissioned work. This took a toll on our release schedule. We’re back though and we are proud to present you the first volume of the second season of our popular HG: Sci-Fi Decals series HG: Sci-Fi Elements.

HG: Sci-Fi Elements

Sci-Fi is always a very popular theme on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. With this new asset pack our goal was to add some variety to our already excellent HG: Sci-Fi Decals series.

In this asset pack you will find various holders, shapes and designs that will help you decorate your scenes with elaborate decal designs. In combination with our previously released asset packs you can create hundreds of logos, badges, UI elements or anything you like. With the provided customizable materials the possibilities are endless. Here are four examples how decals can enhance your scene.

PLEASE NOTE: All other assets shown in the screenshots besides those found in HG: Sci-Fi Elements are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in this asset pack. The puddles shown are from our HG: Puddle Decals asset pack, the word decals are from our HG: Sci-Fi Decals Bundle and the cargo labels are from our HG: Sci-Fi Cargo Labels pack.

This latest asset pack contains 150 high quality, Sci-Fi decal designs. It is part of our second phase of the HG: Sci-Fi Decals series. In this phase we will be focusing more on Sci-Fi design elements to help you decorate your scenes the way you want to. The next release we have planned is a set of customizable Sci-Fi Labels.

With summer vacations fast approaching and a busy schedule it might be a while before you here from us again. Until then, why not browse our news section, there are a lot of interesting topics to read.

HG: Sci-Fi Decals Elements is available now on the UE4 Marketplace.