Hey everyone. It’s Sutorcen and we have another great release for you. This time we decided to try something different with our game assets. Please welcome the HG: Periodic Table Decals pack.

HG: Periodic Table Decals

A while back we saw some pictures of an M.I.T. ceiling that was decorated with elements of the periodic table and we thought it would be cool if you could do that inside Unreal Engine 4 too. Fast forward a few months ahead and we are proud to present you with our latest game assets. It would be unfair to leave out our biggest inspiration which was of course the Breaking Bad intro.

The initial release contains two different designs of the period table and a poster of the table. Each element has been hand crafted and is of the highest quality. As with all our game assets we plan to release additional free content down the line. So, stay tuned to our news page for that.

HG: Sacred Geometry Decals Bundle is available now on the UE4 Marketplace.