Hi, Lidoria here with a quick summer vacation announcement. We have been at it non stop for these past few months finishing up our first asset pack, running Hotgates and working on the demo for Project Origins. As the saying goes, “All work and no play…”, you know what, we said the same thing last year, truth is we need some time off. Hotgates will go on summer vacation for a while between the 3rd and 21st of August 2017 for some much needed R&R. We plan to go for vacation on the beautiful island of Creta (again) in southern Greece. This break will give us the chance to regroup and plan for the journey ahead.


What lies ahead


There are lots to do come Autumn:


  • Release our second asset pack on the Unreal Marketplace, the first one is awaiting approval.
  • Focus on finishing the demo for Project Origins.
  • Announce the official name of Project Origins.
  • Celebrate our second birthday.
  • Upgrade our hardware.
  • and many more…


Don’t fret we’ll be back before you know it. Until we return feel free to browse our news section that is filled with interesting articles. Don’t like news? Now it’s the perfect time to check out our tutorials. If you’re feeling social visit our facebook page, our instagram or just follow us on twitter. If you like our content and you want to help us create even more drop us a like or buy us a beer over at Patreon.


Speaking of Patreon we would like to take this opportunity and thank each and every one of you for supporting us. You are the main reason we are still here. We have a surprise for you. We have added some assets as a thank you gift, so go check it out.


Till we meet again. Take care and keep it Unreal.