Vacations are over. It’s time to get back to Hotgates. As we enter the final stretch of this year it’s time to look at what we have in store for you. Beside some free content that we plan on releasing till the end of the year there also some new content headed your way. Let’s take a look.

Free Content Updates:

Danger Decals Series

For a long time we felt that 3D models where missing from this series. So we will ad 3D models for the various signs for use with the textures and decals. These will be added to all volumes of the Danger Signs Decals series.

Sci-Fi Decals Series

A blueprint that will allow you to create custom words with the provided typefaces and symbols. This will be added to all volumes of the Sci-Fi Decals series.

Puddle Decals

An additional 10 puddle designs will be added to the Puddle Decals asset pack. Increasing the total number of puddles to 50.

Cave Drawings Decals

An additional 20 cave drawings will be added to the Cave Drawings Decals asset pack. Increasing the total number of Drawings to 140

Periodic Table Decals

One new poster design will be added to the Periodic Table Decals asset pack.

Quality of Life updates:

  • Restructuring of the naming system in our asset packs as requested by many of you. Many assets will be renamed to make them unique and easier for you to find them in the Content Browser.
  • Extra grunge textures will be added to all our existing asset packs to add variation.
  • A new optimized material that will reduce the size of our asset packs. Currently rolling out.
  • Further test and optimize our assets for use on mobile.

New Asset Packs:

  • Low poly series (3D Assets)
  • Sci-Fi Logos and Elements (Decals)
  • Danger Signs (3D Assets + Decals)

That’s all for now. Stay tuned to our news page for more info. Till the next time, keep it Unreal.