The Hotgates' A from the logo inside a circle both in black, with our standard yellow colour as background. Our motto never give up never surrender is also displayed. This illustration looks like a banner.



Hotgates is an independent game developer focused on bringing innovation to traditional video game genres. The company was founded in October of 2015 out of love for video games. On that moment, well actually months earlier, we decided that we would strive to make games we love and open portals for our players to amazing worlds with interesting characters and unique settings.


We currently focus on games that are derived from our real life experiences, we sprinkle them with some love and fantasy, we dress them up with narration and we release them in the wild, for all to enjoy. Choosing what games to make isn’t always an easy task. That is why we put our thinking caps on to see who can come up with an idea we love and that becomes our next game. After of course we go through some magical process that we can’t tell you about… yet.


Oh you’re still with us? Well that brings a warm feeling to our hearts. Looks like you can’t get enough of us, plus you seem to have lots of spare time. Don’t be afraid, this page might be over but there are lots of things to discover on our site. Go on, explore.

Company Info:


Hotgates e.U.

Laaer-Berg Straße 32/1/33

1100 Wien, Austria

FN 467046 h