The HotgHotagets logo, displaying an outline of a shield with an ancient Greek Alpha in the middle. Hotgates are greators of video game assets and project origins.

Hotgates is an independent game developer focused on bringing innovation to traditional video game genres. The company was founded in February of 2017 out of love for video games. At that moment, well actually months earlier, we decided that we would strive to make games we love and open portals for our players to amazing worlds with interesting characters and unique settings.

Developing a video game besides a passion for us, is also a zero income affair. As the years went by we discovered that we had talents in other areas as well. Thus we decided to offer our services of video game assets creation, 3D modelling, 3D animation, Texturing, Material creation and Concept Art to whoever needs them to keep our dream alive.

As a result our time and resources are mostly assigned to our video game assets packs that we sell exclusively on the UE4 Marketplace and to commissioned work. Work on our game hasn’t stopped, it just has slowed down.

Oh you’re still with us? Well that brings a warm feeling to our hearts. Looks like you can’t get enough of us. There are lots of things to discover on our site. Go on, explore.

Company Info:

Hotgates e.U.
Laaer-Berg Straße 32/1/33
1100 Wien, Austria
FN 467046 h